Josemari Llavori Gogoan

José María Llavori Romatet: (Zumaia 07-08-1955 / 21-06-2021)

.”Josemari Llavori Gogoan” (Josemari Llavori in remembrance) is a tribute to my brother José Mari in which I have collected a small sample of his work of more than 45 years photographing NATURE in its different aspects.

He started in photography in a totally self-taught way. As a mountaineer and climber, in the first stage of his life, he found it necessary to use the camera in his travels around the world to portray the great mountains he loved so much and, thus, to be able to show his family and friends the excellent images he managed to capture from the high peaks he reached.

He climbed the most difficult mountains of the Iberian Peninsula, the Pyrenees and the Alps. He travelled to Peru to climb Aconcagua. In Africa he climbed Kilimanjaro with an expedition from Zumaia and Mount Kenya with an expedition from Madrid, and in Asia, Pumori.

Eventually he gave up climbing and focused on nature photography, especially of birds, an activity that would become his great passion. He travelled all over the peninsula, but it was mainly the Extremadura region of La Serena where he carried out his most extensive work hand in hand with Manuel Calderón, his friend, brother and confidant in all aspects of everyday life. And of course, his companion in the art of portraying and preserving NATURE in its purest state.

I would like to make a special mention here to Enrique Santos, from Zaragoza, a common friend of Manuel and Josemari, who also offered him the possibility of obtaining excellent images of goshawks, booted and Bonelli's eagles, and above all, sandpipers and black-bellied sandpipers. 

Such was my brother Josemari, he was loved for his sincerity, gratitude and the respect he had for his friends and companions in his photographic adventures.

Unfortunately, recently retired and with a whole life ahead of him to enjoy his family and his passion for photography, on June 21st, while he was doing what he loved in a hide, he left us to go to the beyond, flying like the birds he loved so much.

By means of this portfolio I would like to thank him for all the work he did for the art and conservation of the environment through the photographs he has been taking during all these years, transmitting and instilling in us his love for NATURE.

I would also like to thank Manuel Calderón, Oliver Pérez and Mario Suárez for the help they have given me in identifying the different species that appear in this portfolio.

Finally, and on behalf of all my family, I would like to thank all those of you who knew him for the feeling and sensitivity you have shown us in these difficult times.

A big hug, and thank you very much
Luis Fco. Llavori Romatet

Natural variations
Natural variations
The last session
The last session

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