"Mugak (Boundary)

Boundary: A real imaginary point or line that marks the end or terminus of a non-material thing; it usually indicates a point that should not or cannot be exceeded.

In this case, it is the point where the limits determine the spaces that I really want to photograph every time I take a shot with the camera, be it a landscape or a specific detail. And if we add to that the difficulties I encounter every time I think of developing all my imagination, the limits are served.

I had been thinking for a long time about preparing a portfolio of black and white photographs. I always encountered some problem of editing or pushing... Apart from the laziness I felt about editing the photographs again because of the complexity of this technique and the difficulty of getting a good result.

With the time, little by little I was making tests and passing some photographs of my archive to this type of colour and at the end I have obtained, I don't know if with success or not, some results that seem to me almost acceptable, seeing how the current situation is in this type of photographic discipline, so in the end I have decided to show you this work.

In principle there will be three chapters and with time we will see where this journey will take me.

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