With patience and good humour I take up again this photographic portfolio of abstractions of nature, to organise it in an evolutionary way after the number of photographs has been increasing since I started this series back in 2007.

Like everything in life there are people who don't like this type of photography and more than once I have received destructive criticism and bad taste, but like everything new in art, little by little the interest in this photographic discipline is growing and nowadays there are no nature photographers who don't have these types of photographs in their archives.

This type of images are snapshots that create a world different from the one we observe naturally and that with their lines, shapes and colours create an atmosphere of sensations and emotions that make us think that there are different ways of understanding art nowadays.

"Abstract" are photographs mostly made with vertical and rotating sweeps as well as made by camera shaking and some others in a natural way because they are very curious images that nature offers us as it is and that do not need any special technique to photograph them with the camera.

Each chapter of "Abstract" consists of 24 photographs so as not to tire the observer and that I will be uploading as I complete the chapters.

As with everything in nature photography, we will see how far this path takes us.

Best regards and lots of encouragement!!! 

contenidos © Luis Llavorisite by Bluekea