The last session

Hide from Sebain-Erreka (Zestoa-Gipuzkoa) here I finish everything.
01-Spotted Woodpecker
02-Spotted Woodpecker
03-Spotted Woodpecker
04-Spotted Woodpecker
05-Spotted Woodpecker
06- Buchfink
07-Spotted Woodpecker
08-Spotted Woodpecker
09-Spotted Woodpecker
10-Spotted Woodpecker
11-Spotted Woodpecker
12-His last photo, and then he flew away under the watchful eye of the woodpecker.

This was his last session (Monday 21 June 2021) at the Arrua Erreka photographic hide (Zestoa-Gipuzkoa) where he shared sessions with Imanol Manterola, Oliver Perez and Pascual Gonzalez. The last photo says it all... minutes later, he left us to go to the beyond, flying like the birds he loved so much.

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