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"Bi" (two) Second chapter of the series "Mugak" (Limits)

As I said at the beginning, I had been thinking for a long time about preparing a portfolio of black and white photographs, especially because of the visual strength that this type of chromaticism offers, as well as the square format that I have decided to use. 

As I said, most of the time I had problems with editing and knowing how to give that point of lightness or darkness to the photographs, which is very important for this type of images. Apart from that... I didn't feel like editing the photographs again because of the complexity of this technique and the difficulty to get a good result. But well... As the saying goes that "God squeezes but doesn't drown" here I am... I don't know if I'm squeezed or half drowned, but little by little I've been overcoming these setbacks and today I present the second chapter of the "Mugak” series.

As you can see, these are photographs taken mainly in the beech forest of Otarre (Azkoitia), foggy landscapes in Endoia (Zestoa) and in the Bardenas Reales in Nafarroa.

Best regards and courage!!!

contenidos © Luis Llavorisite by Bluekea