01-Dawn in the fog.
02-The tree.
03- Waxing crescent.
04-Under the clouds.
05-Trail Irati.
06-From Axpe.
07-Coastal fogs.
09-Between dew.
11-In tears.
12-Between acorns.
13-Between flowers.
15-Clitocybe nebularis.
16-Russula aurea.
17-Amanita crocea.
18-Amanita Caesarea.
19-Amanita muscaria.
20-Waiting for autumn.

September departed with neither sorrow nor glory. We don't know whether sweetly as the song says, or cackling and featherless like the rooster of Morón. Every year around this time, the nights start to fall and the temperatures start to feel cooler and as the days go by, we can feel that autumn is starting to arrive.

For the vast majority of nature photographers, it is a joy to contemplate the wealth of colours with which our majestic forests begin to dress up. It is a time when there are endless opportunities to take excellent photographs of all styles, landscape, macro, small details playing with colours and also, of course, abstractions and compositions where each photographer brings his creativity to the development of artistic nature photography.

Autumn is not only a vibrant display of colour, but the cold nights often bring with them many misty mornings. Fog in the valleys and thick mist in the air can provide photographers with stunning compositions and landscapes.

On the forest floor, we immerse ourselves in the microcosm of fungi. In this small world, thanks to the personal creativity of each photographer, we can take magnificent photographs with mushrooms, full of great beauty.

So let the feast of colour and love for nature begin.

Best regards.

contenidos © Luis Llavorisite by Bluekea