3, Hiru, Tres, Three, San

3, Hiru, Tres, Three, San

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3. In the Cabala, number THREE represents peace, integration, the action of giving with the intention of receiving and the beauty (the wish of receiving with the intention of giving). Also, hope, faith, love and understanding, the one between men and women together with the intelligence that joins them both.

In numerology, number THREE is the symbol of the artistic expression…

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THREE different views and so long road to go through. Each one of us, even if we have been conceived from the same parents, we have a very different way of seeing and considering things around us. However, we all have one purpose: to be able to show our feelings purely and authentically through our actions as if they were a universal language.

As a first step, escaping from the self indulgence, we look for happiness and then, the way of communicating through our images. They all have servitude vocation and they are the result of a long research.

Now it is your time. You are now the hero. Look at them and take you time to enjoy what it is shown. Be indulgent with your opinion and take to your minds the little calmness moments we might have been able to transmit through our works. They are all as tiny Irelands full of vegetation, loneliness and beauty.

“Against all opinions, it is not the artists but the observers who make the paintings”.

                                                                                                              (Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968 French painters)

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