The Valley of Colors

The Valley of Colors

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On one good day, it was on the 7th of July 2016, festivity of SanFermin, we decided to enter the unending route that would take us to a valley called “Valle de los Colores” situated in Jaizkibel (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country). The members of this expedition were: Adolfo Vazquez (Guru, organizer and route guide), Jon Andoni Aristi (the Lion of Ondarroa, walker, part-time benefactor and part taker in various recreation activities), Peio Romatet (The Pearl of the Cantabria Sea, the camera man that takes a photo of a retired waiter, of a “pelotari” going up walls, the same as of a transformer singer of a Rock & Roll band) Luis Llavori (the man in a grey suit, freelance festival lover and part time musician… that ended up half dead).

It was a long and risky trip. While we descended amongst gorges and tall ferns full of ticks, some wild cows with big horns spied on us with no good looks, and a bull, amongst these cows, buffed in a dangerous and intimidating way. It stamped the ground with its big hooves in a menacing way, a way similar to the bulls of San Fermin just before charging.

“Labetxu” or the “Valle de los Colores” of Jaizkibel is a place situated on the coastline and a place that really surprised me in a very positive way. We had a very good time taking photos, going for a refreshing swim, having a sandwich meal while listening to the different stories that Adolfo told us about his friend´s trips to the “ramblas”, the casino and opera house of Barcelona.

The return journey was hard. Although the route was longer, it was easier and livelier. For next time, I must remember as IMPORTANT… is, to be physically fit in order to do the route with comfort and to go with a good supply of water… really a lot of water and to administrate it in an adequate way so as not to fall in a state of deep thirst and hunger.

Well that is about all… I leave you these photos of the trip, a trip in which I concentrated in taking photograph different details in shadow and avoid places or zones in which the sunlight crashed the colours!!! Further on, if time permits it, my body can support it and the Guru has no inconvenience in guiding us, we will go for more trips. Regards and cheers.

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