Road to Soria

Road to Soria

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Road to Soria is a consequence of an eventful journey made at the end of the month of October 2015. The journey was through Sierra of Cebollera, a natural park situated in the region of La Rioja. Sierra of Cebollera is located on the northern side of the mountain range known as the Sistema Ibérico. This mountain range is found between the towns of Villoslada de Cameros and Lubreras by the track of the waterfalls of Puente Ra and by the natural park of Sierra de Urbión and Laguna Negra. Laguna Negra is between the Sorian towns of Vinuesa and Cobaleda in the province of Castilla y León.

The first part of the journey by the waterfalls of Puente Ra was rather entertaining for some of the partakers; the infinite number of water puddles and beautiful water cascades in contrast with the beauty of an breathtaking place in the heart of autumn. But for one person I know… it was like a bad nightmare come true. Lost in the endless track through the waterfalls and alone confronting danger just as Gary Cooper, he relived the experiences he had had in a nor long ago trip to the same place in which things did not turn out too well due to tripping over stones at one moment, then slipping and falling against a rock full on the face and at the same time trying not to harm the camera.

The following days in the Natural park of Sierra de Urbión and Laguna Negra were not a pleasant excursion … it rained nonstop and to tell and if I may say the truth, little did I feel like taking photos and for more shame, while I tried to take a photo in the Pass of Laguna Negra, my tripod fell and the support of one of the legs broke! Thank goodness that after having finished the photographic session we were going to go to the “fonda del sopapo” for dinner. We were dying of hunger and then … oh yes!! We were so happy that we could not control our joy after having drunk a few bottles of white wine called “verdejo” and a couple of shots of a marvellous “pacharan” … We even played the guitar and sang love and peace songs in one of the bars. Later at the house of a good friend … we slept like logs except the night of the last day in which someone was struck with fear by an uncontrolled nightmare I had in which I was calling out asking that the devils leave me in peace. Now all that remains is to return!!

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