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How many sunsets in Itzurun with the sole company of the sounds produced by the seawater breaking on the shore or when sliding smoothly on the beach sand while retreating, in its sweet retreat: making my footprints disappear as I walk on it. How often I remember those sounds, those majestic traces those instants of passionate escape. Those magical lights, full of invisible beings for daring eyes that although daring do not see but fell when they speak to the soul. How can one capture all this without the complicity of the water? And the sky, does the sky ignore all I feel?

How many afternoons, full passions, have I returned time and time again. I continue returning knowing that I still have not obtained the dreamed image. Could it be unthinkable to be able to overcome the exam of love that Nature requires of me in order to be able to embrace her? If Nature does not permit it, it will be impossible for me to capture that image. Nature only asks for my silence in order to be able to contemplate her evolutions, the game of the changing of lights, and its sacred geometry. At each instant all turns into caprices and winged shapes. The salt full of iodine of this part of the Cantabrian Sea, penetrates all the pores of my body: its like a drug. Its addiction is a means of inspiration each time my tripod is placed on the sand. And when it all begins, when the waters, maybe tired of so much stillness, elevate themselves to become walls that cannot be passed, and it is at that moment that my smallness flowers. Then Nature reminds me of the end of things. The images I am able to capture are not eternal. But they could be. Only in complicity with all the looks you have for them.

There is no special technique that will explain how I captured these images. Most probably, although I have the same equipment, and have been in the same place, at the same instant, the results will not be the same.  The obtained photograms will always be different. The way we make our approximation to Nature, the way to contemplate it, our way of looking and our soul, will be leads which will enable us to understand and love Nature.

JR. Llavori

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