The Valley of Colors II

The Valley of Colors II

The Valley of Colors. It is a place of extraordinary geological and photographic interest located on the Gipuzkoa coast in a small valley hidden in the central sector of Mount Jaizkibel between the towns of Hondarribia and Pasia, next to the sea. The striking orange, ochre and pink, white and yellow colours and the exceptional reliefs with lines in the shape of discs, pillars, laminations and modules with concavities, alveoli and honeycombs constitute the marvellous structure of the walls of the cliffs of the valley.

It takes some time to prepare the brain to visually distinguish and assimilate what is of interest. Many times we break our heads thinking about how we can get the balance so that an image is interesting and no matter how many turns we give it we don't get what we are looking for.  In the end and for our tranquility we realize that human nature to nothing we leave, is very wise, squeezes but does not drown and in this case was not so difficult to realize ... we had it in front of our eyes.

The Valley of the Colors is without a doubt Spectacle and Fantasy, plays of light and color on endless canvases, a masterpiece of nature fruit of erosion by wind, water and sea salt. Afterwards, this is the interpretation that the artist tries to transmit so that the spectator can finally assimilate and understand his work. A creative process is the expression of feeling, of reflecting the state of mind of the body and soul, in which the technique, the skill, the genius and the madness of the artist are conjugated. Creativity develops the impetus and total dedication in body and soul of the human being with his work in its purest state of concentration.

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