01-European green woodpecker
02-European green woodpecker
03-European green woodpecker
04-Black woodpecker
05-Black woodpecker
06-Black woodpecker
07-Black woodpecker
08-Black woodpecker
09-Middle spotted woodpecker
10-Middle spotted woodpecker
11-Great spotted woodpecker
12-Great spotted woodpecker
13-Great spotted woodpecker chicken
14-Great spotted woodpecker
15-Great spotted woodpecker

Photographs taken in the hides of the Izki Forest, Pobes hides in the province of Alava and Arrua Erreka (Zestoa - Gipuzkoa) together with his friends Imanol Manterola, Oliver Perez and Pascual Gonzalez. The photographs of the Black woodpecker were taken in Cremenes (Leon) with Bernardo Canal Rubio and those of the Middle Spotted Woodpecker . in the forest of Izki and in Asturias in the hide of Pitu Fernandez.

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