In the Cebollar

01-Griffon vulture
02-Bearded Vulture
03-Bearded Vulture
04-Egyptian vulture
05-Egyptian vulture
06-Egyptian vulture
07-Bearded Vulture
08-Griffon vulture
09-Bearded Vulture
10-Bearded Vulture
11-Bearded Vulture
12-Bearded Vulture
13-Bearded Vulture
14-Bearded Vulture
15-Bearded Vulture

"El Cebollar" is the emblematic place par excellence and known by most nature photographers, located in Torla (Huesca) in the Ordesa National Park, a place with spectacular views of the valley, where you can photograph the Bearded Vulture, Egyptian Vulture and Griffon Vulture. The Aragonese Institute of Environmental Management (INAGA) is in charge of the management of the photographic hides, 

contenidos © Luis Llavorisite by Bluekea