01-Ophrys apifera.
02-Ophrys apifera.
03-Anacamptis pyramidalis.
04-Anacamptis pyramidalis.
05-Anacamptis pyramidalis.
07-The water of life.
08-Chrysomela populis.
09-Lotus hispidus.
10-Flower between spikes.
11- Floral detail of Himantoglossum hircinum.
12-Between cotton wool.
13-Biodiversity in the dunes. (Honckenya peploides)
15-Linaria supina.
17-Dune snail Theba pisana.
18-Natural lines 1.
19-Natural lines 2.
20-Natural lines 3.

This month, just like last month, we have been photographing the biodiversity of the dunes and sand on the beach of Santiago de Zumaia. A protected space with an extraordinary natural richness, where many species of wild flowers and plants abound, as well as small insects, different species of invertebrate animals and diverse families of snails.

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