01-In balls.
02-Hypericum androsaemum.
03-Hypericum androsaemum.
06-Calopteryx virgo (female)
7-Calopteryx virgo (female)
08-Pyronia  tithonus.
09-Plant view.
10-In profile.
11-Japanese poet.
12-Snecio aquaticus.
13-Snecio aquaticus.
14-Crocosmia x crocosmiiflora.
15-In vertical
16-Between pines.
17-Crooked trumpets.
18-The time tunnel.
19-Trio Latxa.
20-Cop out.

This July 2021 has been a very rare month as far as weather is concerned, it has hardly been hot on the coast of the autonomous community of Euskadi and it has been a pleasure to spend the days and nights without heat. 

Due to various needs and the odd evening synchronisation problem, I have not been able to make some of the photographic outings I had planned for this month, so it has been easier to select the 20 photographs to upload to the website, following the monthly ritual planned for this year of 2021.

Continuing with the summer routine, the two photographic outings I have made have been, as in the previous month, through the meadows and mountains of the rural area of Arrua Erreka in Zestoa, photographing plants and flowers of the season, some damselflies, a couple of butterflies and the odd sheep.

We will see what August has in store for us.

Best regards.

contenidos © Luis Llavorisite by Bluekea