01-In Esther's garden.
02-Natur arintasuna.
03-Lotus hispidus.
04-Genista occidentalis.
05- Leaf of e Platanus x hispanica.
07-Calopteryx virgo (female)
09-Wild strawberry.
10-Cryptocephalus nubigena.
11-Cryptocephalus nubigena.
12-Sphaerophoria scripta.
13-Rhangonycha fulva.
15-Cotton Thistle.
16-Hanging spikes.
17-Abstrat 1.
18-Abstrat 2.
19-The triumphal arch.
20-Abstrat 3.

In June, spring gives way to summer, which means that the meadows will gradually lose their colour, although there will still be some flowers for the delight of amateur photographers and the life cycle will begin for many of the insect species, which will fill the fields of Arrua Erreka in Zestoa with their flights. It is time for a change of scenery and to take the appropriate photographs of the season. 

Best regards.

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