01-San Sebastian de Elorriaga (Deba).
02-In the morning mist.
03-Panoramic view from Endoia. (Zestoa)
04- Pines under the fog.
05-Autumn landscape.
06-Caserium between mountains.
07-Autumn scene.
08-Autumn drawing.
09-In the Flysch.
10-At the top.
11-In the river.
12-Autumn leaf litter 1.
13-Autumn leaf litter 2.
14-Autumn in the oak grove.
15-Walk among chestnut trees.
18-Equilibrium. (Graphosoma lineatum)
19-Under the Moon.
20-Urban symphony in Plaentxi. (Soraluze)

As the nights begin to fall and the temperatures start to feel cooler, we can sense that autumn is beginning. Although it is a cold, sometimes grey season, and a precursor to winter, it is still an extraordinary season for nature and landscape photography.

Autumn is not only a vibrant display of colour, but the cold nights often bring with them many misty mornings. Fog and thick mist in the air can make for some stunning compositions.

Within this world of fantasy and colour, macro photography is and remains one of the favourite specialities of many photographers also in autumn. It is true that small animals are becoming fewer and harder to find. But there are still plenty of insects that can be photographed in peace and quiet. 

Little by little and without even realising it, the year 2021 is coming to an end, we have passed October and as I said before, the days are shorter and the nights are longer.

Here is a selection of photographs taken in October.

Best regards and see you soon.

contenidos © Luis Llavorisite by Bluekea